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June 15th, 2009 11:51 AM

I haven't made posts in some time.  With the implementation of HVCC, I find myself needing to seen on the internet.  This is the new age appraisal process.  I have had customers for years that are no longer allowed to contact me for orders.  Instead we are selected by Appraisal Management Companies.  Appraisals in Ft. Myers, Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres kept this appraiser busy full time.  As of May 1st, we are now a number on a list. 

How many orders have I received?  Since HVCC, I have received 3 orders from appraisal management companies.  I have received FHA orders as my customers can still use me.  Most of the appraisals I have done since May 1st is for manufactured homes to correct insurance coverage, estate appraisals and other litigation appraisals for bankruptcies, divorces etc. 

What I hear from other appraisers is the same.  The mortgage companies are also affected by this legislation.  The result has been low quality reports done by appraisers who are not in the Ft. Myers area at all.  The work is poor quality, and the mortgage companies have to pay more for them.  If they need to send the report to another source, they have to order another one.

We can only home the legislators will hear the outcry and change HVCC to address these issues.  While lender pressure is not welcome, and I understand the need for legislation.  HVCC has had consequences which make matters worse.  Banks are now using only on staff appraisers.  This is a conflict for sure.  Banks also own some of the appraisal management companies.  Seems like another conflict.

Pending sales are stacking up in the Southwest Florida MLS.  We need these to close.   Our recovery is in sight.  HVCC is snuffing it out.

In the mean time,  litigation appraisals and manufactured home appraisals will keep this appraiser independent.   Call your representatives and tell them, HVCC needs to go.

Need an appraisal?  Call me for Fort Myers, Lehigh, Cape Coral, Captiva, or Port Charlotte,  I can' help you with anything but mortgage financing.




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Posted by Billie Newell on June 15th, 2009 11:51 AMPost a Comment

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